My thoughts on .... Lifetouch School Portraits

Dear Lifetouch,
                I have received your notices of 'LAST CHANCE' and I do have the images you sent home with my child.  I am also waiting on a return call from the salesperson of this dog and pony show.  

                Since my complaint fell on deaf ears, or maybe got lost in translation, let me bring you up to speed.  In the fall my son came home from school with, among other things,  order forms for bookfair, school spirit apparel, a permission slip for a fieldtrip, and a sheet to order school photos.  I sent my kindergartener back to school with $5 for bookfair, fieldtrip permission slip and an order form with payment for school photos.  Upon returning from school he was dragging $5 worth of junk from the book fair (no books, of course), a school picture of himself, stories from his fieldtrip and a long face because I didn't care to buy school apparel.  This was a prime time to explain to him that you get what you pay for and if you do not pay for it, you don't get anything in return.
I mean, it's MY JOB to put my kids photo on blast!  Isn't he handsome??  Photo cred - Lifetouch

                Fast-forward to spring.  He comes packing a new order form for school photos, I threw it in the trash.  I already purchased photos once this school year and didn't care to have any more, even if it was a fundraiser.  So, you can imagine my confusion when he brought me five sheets of printed photos from the afore mentioned school photo fundraiser.  Upon examining the envelope I saw that payment is requested OR return of the product.  SERIOUSLY?!?!  You just sent me something I didn't order, nor did I want and NOW you want me to pay you??  

                Last I checked demanding payment for unsolicited merchandise constitutes an unfair or deceptive act or practice in trade or commerce for the purposes of applying Consumer Protection Act.  If the school would like to have my child's photo taken for a directory or the yearbook, I don't mind but please do not try to sell me something.  Moreover, sending me 'LAST CHANCE' fliers demanding payment aren't going to get you anywhere either.


  1. Oh my mom used to get the better of these photo places -- in her day. :)
    Mind you this was many, many years ago..... I have been out of school over 30 years....
    As a child of a LARGE family, MOM never had the funds to "buy a sheet" for each of us kids, but, of course wanted to document the school year with a "school photo." She used to get a call from the school office because she took the sheet, cut out ONE photo, then proceeded to take the number of photos on the sheet and divide by the cost per sheet. In the day...what could they do?? Somewhere along the line she probably paid for a couple of sheets of photos just by taking the one from each.
    Love her to death.....The school got to the point where they never sent the photos home from school. If she wanted to see them, she had to come to the office to pick them up. ha ha ha ha :) :)

  2. They did this shit all the time when I was in school (you know, 10+ years ago). It's not a new practice, unfortunately. My mom was always mad because they want you to pay up front for the first ones without seeing what you got in case your photo was horrible, and then they turn around and give you photos to see the next time around.

    Also, I'm 99.9% sure when the stepson was in school his mom took the packet of photos and then never paid for them until at the end of the year where the school threatened to withhold his grade card until they got the money. We kept getting letters sent home about it and there was nothing we could do since the ex had them (and i wasn't about to pay for that woman to get them for free).