Happening at Camp Craft-A-Lot

I'm trying to figure out what I have done in the last week that has kept me so busy, honestly I'm not sure.  I've been exhausted from day-to-day life but have little to show for it.  Oh well, here's a photo dump of what the last week has been about here at Camp Craft-A-Lot.

 The twins discovered that there is a city park 100 yards outside our backdoor, if you need us this summer you know where to find us.

 Oh yeah, and the bastard puppies.  They're five weeks and some change, we are pretty clueless as to what they are.  Their mother is ours and she got knocked up by the Father-In-Law's dog during out stay with him while building our home.  That's another post for another day.  Anywho, these two are what made it of the five Miss Daisy was carrying.  They're cute and all but I'll be glad when they're gone and someone else is cleaning up their shit.
 Just typical shenanigans from The Hell Raisers, you know partially eating EVERYTHING in the house so I have to drag home more groceries.  Good stuff.
This was entertaining, the husband and his straw shooter truck.  He worked SO hard hauling dirt, tilling said dirt, seeding and finally strawing our lil' slice of paradise.  I really like that guy, I think I'll make him dinner tonight.

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