Why I love Facebook

Sometimes I honestly feel Facebook bringing me down.  Some days it is nothing but negativity and stress.  Then, there are other days where my people just 'get me' and make me wonder why I would even dream of leaving the world of Facebook.

Yesterday was one of those days when I was struggling to find the perfect solution to the easiest problem - What to give my son's teachers.  See, that shouldn't have been to hard to figure out, but it was so I enlisted the help of my friends.

As you can see, the responses were great.  A few handmade options, some Pinspiration, gift cards and even some insight from a school staff.  I liked where this was going, then it took a horrifying turn and when somewhere that only MY friends would go!

That's right folks, the #1 Teacher's Gift of 2015 is panties.  This morning it was also suggested they may also appreciate some Valium so I'm looking into that too because nothing says Happy End of School Year like prescription drugs!

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