Times, they have changed.....

I just stumbled upon this blog again today, in all honesty I had completely forgotten about it.  It's really incredible just how much life changes in such a short time.  Sure, three years isn't a short time by some standards but in comparison to the change - WOW!!!

Let's see, since my last post in June of 2012 I have had two happy, healthy twin girls that I refer to as they Hell Raisers.  They are Lyra Jo and Della Rae, born December 2012 and at two years old I'm pretty sure God gave them to me to get me out of bed each day.  Meaning, if I don't get out of bed they WILL burn the house down around me. 

We lost our two bulldogs, our 'first children', and added a couple of strays that my husband found while building different projects.  It's funny because these two found us and though they have only been part of the family for a short time it's as though they have been with us forever.  They're cute and they arrived house trained so they get to stay.

We found an amazing opportunity to build a new home and move our family across town to a large lot on the edge of town.  It's literally THE EDGE, right within the city limits and is adjacent to a large park on three sides.  It is our own little slice of paradise that I like to refer to as Camp Craft-A-Lot.  There is plenty of space to grow whatever we choose, a pond to play in, a basement to create in.... you know, it's perfect! 

A whole lot of other things have happened too but it was mostly boring, stressful bullshit so I'll skip it.  Let's see how long it takes me to forget I have a blog this time.  HA!  Leave me a comment, it may encourage me to share some more of my day-to-day adventures of Team Daniels.

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