Race car shopping carts are the devil

Yesterday I ventured to the local Kroger with the twins, I knew it would be a chore but if I didn't get some food in this house we were going to starve to death.  Upon entering the store I noticed Kroger had hauled out the 'Car Cart' for spring and the Hell Raisers girls were all about riding in the car.  Little did I know the buckles to the harnesses in the car were broken, once they were in the car there was no turning back so I proceeded into the store with even more anxiety than usual.
The trip went surprisingly well until I hit the line at the pharmacy, that's when all hell broke loose.  This was near the end of our trip, they twins were bored and I was exhausted no NATURALLY this was when they would decide to bust out of the cart and run in opposite directions.  I was finally able to bribe Lyra with a bag of cookies but Della Rae bolted down another aisle, I lost her.  With Lyra in tow I took off toward the front of the store and was able to hear her undeniable giggles coming from the clearance Easter candy.  Upon retrieving Della Rae, Lyra was prompt to tell her that she was a bag girl, as if she were an angel. 

Now, if Amazon could hurry up with those drones and grocery delivery - I would gladly be the first in line.

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