Quilt Olympics with Columbus Modern Quilters

A few months ago my friend Leigh suggested I come along with her to Columbus to a quilt club meeting.  I wasn't totally sure but I knew I could use an evening away from the Hell Raisers, I promptly arranged a sitter and was dreaming of what quilt club was all about.  I had the vision of a gaggle of women gathering together for an evening of quilt chatter, showing off of the latest projects and sharing big secrets that are only known amongst those who belong.

Columbus Modern Quilters is all of that an SO. MUCH.  MORE!!  The 'regualar' meeting place is at a public library and we do fun things but our most recent meeting was at Quilt Beginnings on Sawmill Rd.  Brandon helped me with my fabric and set me up with all the goods to make a Market Tote.  He was super helpful and might have even thought I was funny, maybe not.

This happened to be the Annual Quilt Olympics, which I was totally new to but totally loved being a part of.  We were ask to choose teams of three, I believe there were close to ten teams with heavy competition!  For the first event team member #1 had to unwind two spools of thread, when they finished the second teammate had to thread five needles onto a thread and lastly the final member had to find 'The Needle In The Haystack'.  Jaclyn provided a tote of scraps and we had to find a teeeeny tiiiiny scrap of a certain print, this was the most difficult event.

Here are a few pics of the evening and all the ladies enjoying the event.  If you would like more info or to attend a meeting, check out the website.  All the info is there on how to catch up with us.

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