Why I love Facebook

Sometimes I honestly feel Facebook bringing me down.  Some days it is nothing but negativity and stress.  Then, there are other days where my people just 'get me' and make me wonder why I would even dream of leaving the world of Facebook.

Yesterday was one of those days when I was struggling to find the perfect solution to the easiest problem - What to give my son's teachers.  See, that shouldn't have been to hard to figure out, but it was so I enlisted the help of my friends.

As you can see, the responses were great.  A few handmade options, some Pinspiration, gift cards and even some insight from a school staff.  I liked where this was going, then it took a horrifying turn and when somewhere that only MY friends would go!

That's right folks, the #1 Teacher's Gift of 2015 is panties.  This morning it was also suggested they may also appreciate some Valium so I'm looking into that too because nothing says Happy End of School Year like prescription drugs!


WIP Wednesday - American Flag Bargello

I started this Bargello American Flag off with much more confidence than I have at this point.  I thought I could tackle the design I had in my head without a I'm stuck!!  I suppose that is what happens when you're too cheap to buy a pattern.

This is my first attempt at Bargello Quilting so the fact that it even resembles anything at all is an accomplishment.  HA!  I believe I'm going do add 4-5 more strips of red and blue and then the same width of just red and white.  I hope to have the top finished by the end of the week, then I can argue with myself over sashing and finishing options.  I can't wait!


Quilt Olympics with Columbus Modern Quilters

A few months ago my friend Leigh suggested I come along with her to Columbus to a quilt club meeting.  I wasn't totally sure but I knew I could use an evening away from the Hell Raisers, I promptly arranged a sitter and was dreaming of what quilt club was all about.  I had the vision of a gaggle of women gathering together for an evening of quilt chatter, showing off of the latest projects and sharing big secrets that are only known amongst those who belong.

Columbus Modern Quilters is all of that an SO. MUCH.  MORE!!  The 'regualar' meeting place is at a public library and we do fun things but our most recent meeting was at Quilt Beginnings on Sawmill Rd.  Brandon helped me with my fabric and set me up with all the goods to make a Market Tote.  He was super helpful and might have even thought I was funny, maybe not.

This happened to be the Annual Quilt Olympics, which I was totally new to but totally loved being a part of.  We were ask to choose teams of three, I believe there were close to ten teams with heavy competition!  For the first event team member #1 had to unwind two spools of thread, when they finished the second teammate had to thread five needles onto a thread and lastly the final member had to find 'The Needle In The Haystack'.  Jaclyn provided a tote of scraps and we had to find a teeeeny tiiiiny scrap of a certain print, this was the most difficult event.

Here are a few pics of the evening and all the ladies enjoying the event.  If you would like more info or to attend a meeting, check out the website.  All the info is there on how to catch up with us.


Sewing desk DIY

Earlier this week I found the ambition to make a custom sewing desk for myself.  I drug the twins to five thrift stores before finding the perfect candidate, then I set out to mutilate customize a perfectly good desk with my circular saw.
Before someone tries to show their ass, I feel I should share with you a bit about my husband.  I am fortunate to have the most supportive, caring and hardworking husband.  He works from the early morning to night, using his construction, plumbing and excavation talents to provide for our family.  He could easily do these sorts of things for me but when he gets home or has free time, the very last thing he wants to do is some bullshit I've dreamed up for around the house.  Besides, look at how much fun I would have missed out on!

 With that being said, let's get to the good stuff.  My plan to tackle this little cutie was pretty simple.  First I sat my machine on top and traced the largest section of the base with a (affiliate link) Fons & Porter chalk wheel thing.  I know, not ideal but it is what I had and it worked.  I cut what I could with a circular saw and cut the smaller corners with a handsaw until I broke it. 

Once that clusterfuck was finished I sat my machine into the whole I made and traced the final square shape.  Then the kids and I ran the geese away from the pond, rolled in the gravel and gave piggyback rides, remember I broke my saw.

The next day I went to Lowe's and bought one of these, I believe it is a Keyhole saw (affiliate link) - also know as an arm breaking piece of shit - but I digress it did work quite well and was less than $10.
I then added a 1/2" piece of plywood and some lag bolts with washers and nuts to support my machine.  It is a pretty snug fit but I wanted some stability under it, in case I get carried away with my block piecing.  That was pretty much it, I dusted her off and placed it in the basement where it will live happily ever after!


Race car shopping carts are the devil

Yesterday I ventured to the local Kroger with the twins, I knew it would be a chore but if I didn't get some food in this house we were going to starve to death.  Upon entering the store I noticed Kroger had hauled out the 'Car Cart' for spring and the Hell Raisers girls were all about riding in the car.  Little did I know the buckles to the harnesses in the car were broken, once they were in the car there was no turning back so I proceeded into the store with even more anxiety than usual.
The trip went surprisingly well until I hit the line at the pharmacy, that's when all hell broke loose.  This was near the end of our trip, they twins were bored and I was exhausted no NATURALLY this was when they would decide to bust out of the cart and run in opposite directions.  I was finally able to bribe Lyra with a bag of cookies but Della Rae bolted down another aisle, I lost her.  With Lyra in tow I took off toward the front of the store and was able to hear her undeniable giggles coming from the clearance Easter candy.  Upon retrieving Della Rae, Lyra was prompt to tell her that she was a bag girl, as if she were an angel. 

Now, if Amazon could hurry up with those drones and grocery delivery - I would gladly be the first in line.


What to do with lost keys

In real life my husband and I own an apartment company that he has spent 20+ years building.  I recently cleared out the key cabinet to find a large pile of orphaned keys. I've seen windchimes, jewelry and coat hooks made of old keys.  Do you have any other awesome ideas that I should use with these?  Feel free to leave me a comment if you have a suggestion.
This is incredible ironic that I would have an abundance of keys because I have lost my personal keys more than twice in the past year. 


Times, they have changed.....

I just stumbled upon this blog again today, in all honesty I had completely forgotten about it.  It's really incredible just how much life changes in such a short time.  Sure, three years isn't a short time by some standards but in comparison to the change - WOW!!!

Let's see, since my last post in June of 2012 I have had two happy, healthy twin girls that I refer to as they Hell Raisers.  They are Lyra Jo and Della Rae, born December 2012 and at two years old I'm pretty sure God gave them to me to get me out of bed each day.  Meaning, if I don't get out of bed they WILL burn the house down around me. 

We lost our two bulldogs, our 'first children', and added a couple of strays that my husband found while building different projects.  It's funny because these two found us and though they have only been part of the family for a short time it's as though they have been with us forever.  They're cute and they arrived house trained so they get to stay.

We found an amazing opportunity to build a new home and move our family across town to a large lot on the edge of town.  It's literally THE EDGE, right within the city limits and is adjacent to a large park on three sides.  It is our own little slice of paradise that I like to refer to as Camp Craft-A-Lot.  There is plenty of space to grow whatever we choose, a pond to play in, a basement to create in.... you know, it's perfect! 

A whole lot of other things have happened too but it was mostly boring, stressful bullshit so I'll skip it.  Let's see how long it takes me to forget I have a blog this time.  HA!  Leave me a comment, it may encourage me to share some more of my day-to-day adventures of Team Daniels.