DIY Burp Cloth / PeePee TeePee Gift Set

It seems there are LOTS of babies coming to our circle of friends this summer, including our twins in December, and I wanted something fun, unique and easy to give each of them.  The first is my cousin and his wife, expecting Baby Luke in August.  I set out in search of Dukes of Hazzard fabric since our son's name is Bo and he will be Luke.  HAHAHA But I couldn't find any  :-( 

You will need a package of PRE-FOLDED cloth diapers, I found these at Wal-Mart for $12-something for 10.  These are a gauze like material, not traditional cotton but they'll do.  Measure the center section, mine was approximately 4"x17" so I cut my fabric 5"x20".
Now take the flannel and iron a hem all the way around, about an inch so to fit the center section of your cloth diaper.  I like a large hem so if it frays the stitching will stay intact under the cloth, these are going to get washed almost everyday for quite some time.
Next pin the flannel to the center of your diaper, stitch around the edge all the way around to secure.  I prefer to off-set my needle so my stitches lay close to the edge of the flannel, I think it looks more finished.

 That's it!  Your burp cloth is finished, you can embellish if you'd like but I prefer to keep things simple ;-)
In case you're unaware of what a 'PeePee TeePee' is, they are a small fabric cone you place over your baby's parts while changing to prevent getting peed on. I laughed when I received a set as a gift for our son, until I realized just how useful they really were!

Start off with two 6"-7" square of fabric. Place them either front to front or back to back so your shapes match.  Cut them into a circle, I used a CD spindle as a template and it worked perfectly.
Place your circles with right sides together and stitch around the perimeter, all the way around sewing them completely together. 

Fold in half, guesstimate your center point and cut out 1/4 of the circle and turn right-side out.
 Line up your new seems and secure with a zig-zag stich, I prefer to double stitch.  Once down and then again back up the seem. This will be on the inside but keep it as neat as possible.
Turn your TeePee right side out and zig-zag from the center to the edge, once again securing your seem.  Keep in mind these are going to get washed often.

There you have it!  A finished set!!  I give two or three of each as a set.  If you give this project a try I'd love to see your take.

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