Pillow talkin'

I've been on a pillow making kick lately, I have no idea why because we don't really use them around our house. I blame all the crafty bloggers out there making the most adorable pillows I've ever seen. Anywho, the first one I made was a simple burlap slipcover for a 16" square pillow form. I used some buttons that I tried to dye with red RIT, didn't work so well but it was okay.
I used my Cricut machine to make the red heart on an idron on vinyl, then machine sewed buttons around the edge of the heart. Simple enough, right?

NextI decided to tackle a quilted pillow for our son. I've tried quilting in the past but have never completed a project because they look like total hell. I decided finishing the top stitching is what pulls the project together ;-) I think I even had a square corner or two, IMPRESSIVE!
I used snuggly flannel because it was on sale. I think it turned out cute for a two year old to conduct pillow fights with!

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