An Early Start to St. Patty's

I had this craft in my head last week and had full intentions of finding some Valentine's Day socks. Apparently I was too late, no Valentine's socks to be had in our little town but I *DID* find several pair of St. Patrick's Day socks.  You will need a t-shirt and a pair of knee high socks, these were around $4.00 each so I'll have about $8.00 in the finished product because I had thread on hand.
Cut the socks off just above the heal, right along the seam if there is on.
Turn the sock and the shirt inside-out. Put your index and middle fingers inside the sock to stretch it  out and around the sleeve. My shirt was larger than the sock so I had to make sure to keep the sock stretched while trying to baste them which was kind of difficult but can be done.
I wish I would have used a different color of thread to show you how I basted the two together but I had white handy :-/ woops! Anywho, here's a photo of that and you can sort of see where I tacked them. Also, do not tie off the end when finished basting, you need it to be free floating to accomodate the stretch of the sock.
I chose to stitch from the outside so I could see where my finished seam would be and I *did* do this in black just for you to see. ;-) While sewing be careful to make sure you are only stitching one layer each of sock and shirt, trust me on this one. Also, since my sock was smaller than the sleeve it created a ruffle below my stitch. To remedy this I just stretched out the sock until it lay fairly flat.
Repeat on the other sleeve. TA-DA!! A long sleeved St. Partick's Day shirt!
I have other ideas to decorate the front so keep an eye out for the finished project.


  1. Okay, that is too much fun!!!! What a great idea. :) My kids would flip to see me do that with some socks.

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  2. Too cute! Thanks for sharing...will have to try that soon.


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