Valentine's Table Runner

Today's craft was also inspired by a product at Pottery Barn Kids but looks very little like what they have to offer. Here's what they have :
And this is what I made (the red runner, not the doily on top) :
Here's how I made my version - I started with a piece of red cotton fabric that measured 12"x54" long and hemmed all four edges 3/8" on all four sides by ironing them. I don't care for pinning but you could do that too.

I chose to trim the excess fabric from the first fold of the hem to reduce the bulk on the corners. Once again this is just a preference but I think it good habit in case the projects end up showing and this helps your corners lay flatter.

I chose a decorative stitch to use on my hems, I forget to use these cute lil' settings on my machine so I thought this would be a nice time to use one.

Next I cut out some hearts from pink and white felt by freehand.

I did have to pin the hearts onto the edge of my runner before sewing and I'm glad that I did because my machine didn't exactly love the felt. It kept bunching up under the presserfoot, not sure what that was about.
Anywho, I used a medium sized zig-zag stitch to attach the hearts but you could stitch them by hand too.

You could also use a vinyl stensil like I did on my Valentine Tee if you wanted some more embelishments, I may try that later.

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