Sewing PSA

I see all kinds of posts about super cute projects to sew but it is rare that anyone mentions sewing maching maintenance. Call me Debbie Downer but this is important, people! While making my Valentine's Table Runner  I noticed that my bobbin was squeeky so I decided to dig into the situation a little deeper. First remove your bobbin, then find a flathead screwdriver or my machine came with a handy little 'screwdriver' thingy, it looks like this:
I have two screws, one on each side of my presserfoot, unscrew those to remove the entire plate from under the presserfoot. LOOK AT ALL THAT FUZZ!!

My machine also came with a mini-seamripper with a brush on the end. You can also use a small paintbrush to pull the lint out of the machine but be careful not to push the lint further into the machine. This is how much lint that was in mine. That's as big as a bobbin, people! YUCK!

See, doesn't that look much better?

By doing this you can also cut down on maintenance of your machine and who enjoys taking their machine to the shop? NOT this girl!

This concludes my Public Service Announcement, please return to your regularly schedule crafting :-)

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