Rockstar Toddler Vest

I have to admit that I often get frustrated at the oodles of cutsey stuff there is for girls compared to what is available for boys. Many times when I DO find something for our son that is super cute it is also super expensive, that's just not my style! I rely on this here Interweb for my crafty inspiration and yet again a blogger has come through for me.

Today's inspiration came from Make It and Love It , Ashley made an adorable reversable vest for her son and it was so cute I needed to make my own. Go on and click that link, I'll wait here. Welcome back, here's a finished photo of my version :
Cute, huh?!?

I used much of Ashely's instructions but I also called my Momma, The Master Seamstress. She used to make me Barbie colthes, have YOU ever tried to stitch something so small? It's hard, people!

I began with a vest I found on the clearence rack at Children's Place, it fits but it's really not all that big on the kiddo. I used two cotton fat quarters for the backs, a suit material for one front and some light courdoroy for the other front.
For the back I used a washable pen/marker to trace around my vest and create a back piece, I did this on a fold. Then I used the one cut out to cut the second back.
Next I used some brown packaging paper I had laying around to make a template for my front. I felt this was nessecary here because the original is darted and lays kind of funky.

I cut out my brown paper template, pinned it to two layers of my cordouroy fabric that had matching sides together. This created a left and a right for one front pair. I did the same for the suiting fabric to create a pair for the reverse side. Now pin your sides (right and left fronts) to a back.

 Sew down side seams ONLY. Do this to both sets of sides and backs, you will now have two vests.
  Lay your vests with right sides together and pin. This is where my pattern differs from Ashley's. Sew all along seams EXCEPT the shoulder seams and a bottom 1/3 of one armpit. This armpit seam is where you will turn your vest rightside out.
Once you have your two vests sewn turn inside out through the open armpit. No
w nip your curves and corners, this allows your fabric to lay flat when you turn it rightside out.

Now use a seam ripper or wooden skewer to help push the seams open from the inside while you press them. This was difficult to show but trust me, it really helps get everything straight.
Now, to work on that armpit seam. I'm really not a good handstitcher so when my Momma suggested doing it this way I was all over it!
Use your iron to press your raw edges inward, one at a time and pin them that way afterward. TADA!!
Leave this alone until until after this next step, I'll get to it I promise.
Now you need to put your shoulder seams together. Simply press one the seam of your back inward and stuff your other seam inside it, pin and sew. Like this :

Okay, now comes that pesky armpit seam. I found some bright blue thread that Momma had given me in my stash. I know it's from her because it has a pricetag on it from TG&Y, that's where she worked when she made me all those awesome 80's Barbie clothes! Seriously!?! $1.08 for a spool of thread!!

Anywho, I topstitched around the armholes. This added some embelishment AND took care of that armpit for me. THANKS MOM! I thought it looked cool so I went all the way around the whole vest.

Then I added some buttons and bright blue button holes, a couple felt buttons on the lapel and a white star on the reverse. ALL DONE!
Now, if he ever wakes up I'll try to get some pics of the vest ON the kid! Wish me luck!


  1. That is so stinkin' adorable! Great job!!
    Thanks for linking to my Catch a Glimpse party as well! Always nice to see a new face! :)

  2. I saw your project on A Glimpse Inside! Nice work! Some day I hope to try this project :) I'm definitely bookmarking it.