Rockstar Toddler Suspenders

Last week I made the lil' man a reversible vest, which thankfully he LOVES :-) I thought he needed some matching suspenders, there's something about dressing little boys like old men that makes my heart smile. Even if they are grumpy lil' old men.
You'll need fabric about 2"x40" and two packages of vest adjusters - the have suspender clips on each end and elastic in between. The length of your fabric may vary, depending on the height of your little old man.
Stitch down the sides of youfabric to create a tube.
Turn tube right-side out by attaching a safety-pin and pulling through.
Iron tube right-side out and flat with seam centered, now cut in half. I also used starch to add some body since I didn't want to mess with lining or fusable web.
Disect your suspender clips, take a seam ripper to ONE end of the elastic. Open it up and remove the clip, leave the opposite end attached.
Press one end of each piece of fabric inward and insert elastic from where you just removed the clip. Do this to both pieces of fabric and elastic.

Pin and stitch elastic to fabric.

Press opposite end of fabric to a point.

Add clip you removed from the elastic. For some reason I had trouble making sure the clip was on correctly, make sure the back of the clip is facing the seem on the back of the fabric. Pin and double stitch.

Now lay one piece of fabric across the other, pin and stitch in place. The fabric should cross right above or at the seam where the elastic meets the fabric.
Now you're all done! Put them on your lil' guy and enjoy your work.


  1. love it!! i saw you on not just a housewife's link party!!!

  2. Adorable! Wish I had thought of that when my boys were small. I'm a new follower!