Knock-Off Owl

I'm completely addicted to expensive crafts and decor but there's a growing online community that is devoted to knock-offs and I'M IN LOVE! One of my faves is Knock-Off Decor and it is update with the best inspiration yet.
Today I found these adorable owl book-ends on Pottery Barn Kids and couldn't resist giving them a try.
Seriously?!?! Aren't they adorable?! Plus I doubt my two year old boy wants an owl with pink wings, can you blame him?

So I began with an piece of fabric twice as wide and twice as long and the size I wanted my owl to be, a coordinating 'Fat Quarter' of fabric and a sheet of black felt.
( I cut double the pieces needed so please follow the WRITTEN instructions and not all of the photos, sorry for any confusion but I'm still new in these here parts.)

Cut two of the body, one right side and one wrong side so they are prefect mirror images. Two outter eyes, two inner eyes and FOUR wings. Place the back of the body aside until you have ALL your embelishments done on the front.

Sew the wings right sides together and turn right-side out. I'm sure there's a proper way to attach the wings but I chose to turn the unfinished edges down, iron them and use a zig-zag stitch to attach to my front body piece. Also, you may need to pin your wings inward so you don't stitch them between your front and back - unless that's the look you're going for.

Line up your right sides together and stitch along the edges, I chose to leave the top open but that's totally up to you. I also chose to fill my lil' owl with rice because it's cheap, what I had on hand and it gives it more body than just polyfill. I then used some black embroidery floss to whip-stitch the top closed.
Here's my finished owl, I also added a beak last minute.
Also, here's a copy of the pattern I made. Feel free to click on it so it will appear full size, print and create a whole heard of owl!


  1. I adore your blog and this owl is incredibly cuuuute, but I think my favorite was the "Do Not Steal - It's Mean" labels on your earlier pics. :)

  2. I tried to do the same stamp with these but my PS action effed it up :-/