Homemade Yogurt, the easy way!

I noticed a few months ago I was spending over $20 per week on Greek yogurt from the grocery. That was just NOT acceptable, especially when a gallon of organic whole milk is $5.00! I did some research and found that it's really really easy. I have this super neat slow cooker that make the process even more simple. It came with three different sizes of bowl so I can use the large bowl for a whole gallon or the medium bowl for a half gallon, LOVE IT!
Hamilton Beach 33133H 3-in-1 Slow Cooker, White

Here's how I make our yogurt :  
  • Place desired amount of milk in crockpot, cover and turn on low for three hours.
  • At the end of three hours turn crockpot off, leave lid on and let sit for two hours.
  • After two hours has passed take out 1Cup of warm milk and place in small bowl, wisk in 1/2 Cup of store bought or previously made PLAIN whole fat yogurt.
  • Add milk back to crockpot and mix thoroughly.
  • Place lid back on crockpot bowl, remove crockpot bowl from base and place in oven.
  • Turn on light inside oven and let set for 8-10 hours, until set. Congratulations you've just made yogurt!
You can refrigerate what you've just made and eat it as you wish but I prefer to use a cheesecloth lined colander to strain some of the whey out and make a thicker 'Greek Style' yogurt. Keep in mind you will also reduce the volume by straining some of the whey. If you strain it too long you will end up with yogurt cheese which is kind of like cream cheese, YUM!

Tomorrow I will discuss how I like to top my yogurt and some recipes that I add yogurt to.

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