Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burgers

In an effort to eat healthier there has been a lot of experimenting going on in my kitchen. Tonight I tried Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burgers. My thoughts are we cut calories by using turkey and by placing the cheese inside which was about half of what would normally be put on top. I had you'll need some Jeannie-O Ground Turkey, Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar, sliced tomatoes, sliced onion a couple tablestoons of butter and toast.


I found it helpful to cut the ground turkey into 1/4ths before I started so my burgers would all be about the same size. I took each of the quarters and divided them in half to create eight thin patties. I placed the cheese on four of the patties, topped those with the remaining four patties and gently sealed the two together. You can sprinkle with salt and pepper or whatever seasoning you like.
Place 2-3 tablespoons of butter in a skillet on medium heat, wait until butter has browned to place the patties in the skillet. This adds flavor to your burgers and also helps them get crispy.
When the purgers are beginning to brown up the sides they are ready to flip. Remember not to smoosh them as the puff while cooking, you'll smoosh out the cheese.

See all that browned crispy goodness!

Now assemble your sandwich as you wish, ours looked kinda like this and served them with Tater Tots.

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