Adventures in vinyl transfers

I have had a first generation Wishblade cutter for a couple years and though it's unfortunate the machine just wasn't designed for the long haul. It was great for what I needed but has just gotten more time consuming to try and use. Anywho, the Hubs bought me a new Cricut Imagine for Christmas - YEAAAAH!! The first thing I did was clutter up our walls with vinyl but everyone shows vinyl wall designs so here's something a little different.

I cut out my design on a sheet of vinyl - color doesn't matter because we're using it as a stencil
Then I cut a piece of transfer paper (or clear contact paper) to help transfer my image.

Cut just one image on the transfer paper to use and placed it on a t-shirt. I used my thumb nail to 'etch' the vinyl onto my shirt.

Then I peeled off the transfer paper to release the vinyl onto my shirt. You may need or want to use a toothpick or your thumbnail to help release the vinyl from your transfer paper.

I mixed about 2 Tablespoons of bleach with 1/4 cup of water in a spray bottle (over the bathtub because I'm THAT clumsey) and misted the front of the t-shirt with enough of my bleach mixture to dampen it but NOT soak it. Keep an eye on your shirt and you can watch the color of your shirt change due to the bleach.

 Once you are satisfied with the amount of fade peel off the vinyl and run your shirt under COLD water. Rinse your shirt thoroughly and then wash as normal.

Here's my finished result.

I haven't decided if I'm done or if I would like to add to this design, I like the bleachy effect but am thinking about maybe adding something else with a freezer paper stencil.

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  1. Rhinestones... it needs glitz But LOVE it!