Happening at Camp Craft-A-Lot

I'm trying to figure out what I have done in the last week that has kept me so busy, honestly I'm not sure.  I've been exhausted from day-to-day life but have little to show for it.  Oh well, here's a photo dump of what the last week has been about here at Camp Craft-A-Lot.

 The twins discovered that there is a city park 100 yards outside our backdoor, if you need us this summer you know where to find us.

 Oh yeah, and the bastard puppies.  They're five weeks and some change, we are pretty clueless as to what they are.  Their mother is ours and she got knocked up by the Father-In-Law's dog during out stay with him while building our home.  That's another post for another day.  Anywho, these two are what made it of the five Miss Daisy was carrying.  They're cute and all but I'll be glad when they're gone and someone else is cleaning up their shit.
 Just typical shenanigans from The Hell Raisers, you know partially eating EVERYTHING in the house so I have to drag home more groceries.  Good stuff.
This was entertaining, the husband and his straw shooter truck.  He worked SO hard hauling dirt, tilling said dirt, seeding and finally strawing our lil' slice of paradise.  I really like that guy, I think I'll make him dinner tonight.

My thoughts on .... Lifetouch School Portraits

Dear Lifetouch,
                I have received your notices of 'LAST CHANCE' and I do have the images you sent home with my child.  I am also waiting on a return call from the salesperson of this dog and pony show.  

                Since my complaint fell on deaf ears, or maybe got lost in translation, let me bring you up to speed.  In the fall my son came home from school with, among other things,  order forms for bookfair, school spirit apparel, a permission slip for a fieldtrip, and a sheet to order school photos.  I sent my kindergartener back to school with $5 for bookfair, fieldtrip permission slip and an order form with payment for school photos.  Upon returning from school he was dragging $5 worth of junk from the book fair (no books, of course), a school picture of himself, stories from his fieldtrip and a long face because I didn't care to buy school apparel.  This was a prime time to explain to him that you get what you pay for and if you do not pay for it, you don't get anything in return.
I mean, it's MY JOB to put my kids photo on blast!  Isn't he handsome??  Photo cred - Lifetouch

                Fast-forward to spring.  He comes packing a new order form for school photos, I threw it in the trash.  I already purchased photos once this school year and didn't care to have any more, even if it was a fundraiser.  So, you can imagine my confusion when he brought me five sheets of printed photos from the afore mentioned school photo fundraiser.  Upon examining the envelope I saw that payment is requested OR return of the product.  SERIOUSLY?!?!  You just sent me something I didn't order, nor did I want and NOW you want me to pay you??  

                Last I checked demanding payment for unsolicited merchandise constitutes an unfair or deceptive act or practice in trade or commerce for the purposes of applying Consumer Protection Act.  If the school would like to have my child's photo taken for a directory or the yearbook, I don't mind but please do not try to sell me something.  Moreover, sending me 'LAST CHANCE' fliers demanding payment aren't going to get you anywhere either.


Why I love Facebook

Sometimes I honestly feel Facebook bringing me down.  Some days it is nothing but negativity and stress.  Then, there are other days where my people just 'get me' and make me wonder why I would even dream of leaving the world of Facebook.

Yesterday was one of those days when I was struggling to find the perfect solution to the easiest problem - What to give my son's teachers.  See, that shouldn't have been to hard to figure out, but it was so I enlisted the help of my friends.

As you can see, the responses were great.  A few handmade options, some Pinspiration, gift cards and even some insight from a school staff.  I liked where this was going, then it took a horrifying turn and when somewhere that only MY friends would go!

That's right folks, the #1 Teacher's Gift of 2015 is panties.  This morning it was also suggested they may also appreciate some Valium so I'm looking into that too because nothing says Happy End of School Year like prescription drugs!


WIP Wednesday - American Flag Bargello

I started this Bargello American Flag off with much more confidence than I have at this point.  I thought I could tackle the design I had in my head without a I'm stuck!!  I suppose that is what happens when you're too cheap to buy a pattern.

This is my first attempt at Bargello Quilting so the fact that it even resembles anything at all is an accomplishment.  HA!  I believe I'm going do add 4-5 more strips of red and blue and then the same width of just red and white.  I hope to have the top finished by the end of the week, then I can argue with myself over sashing and finishing options.  I can't wait!


Quilt Olympics with Columbus Modern Quilters

A few months ago my friend Leigh suggested I come along with her to Columbus to a quilt club meeting.  I wasn't totally sure but I knew I could use an evening away from the Hell Raisers, I promptly arranged a sitter and was dreaming of what quilt club was all about.  I had the vision of a gaggle of women gathering together for an evening of quilt chatter, showing off of the latest projects and sharing big secrets that are only known amongst those who belong.

Columbus Modern Quilters is all of that an SO. MUCH.  MORE!!  The 'regualar' meeting place is at a public library and we do fun things but our most recent meeting was at Quilt Beginnings on Sawmill Rd.  Brandon helped me with my fabric and set me up with all the goods to make a Market Tote.  He was super helpful and might have even thought I was funny, maybe not.

This happened to be the Annual Quilt Olympics, which I was totally new to but totally loved being a part of.  We were ask to choose teams of three, I believe there were close to ten teams with heavy competition!  For the first event team member #1 had to unwind two spools of thread, when they finished the second teammate had to thread five needles onto a thread and lastly the final member had to find 'The Needle In The Haystack'.  Jaclyn provided a tote of scraps and we had to find a teeeeny tiiiiny scrap of a certain print, this was the most difficult event.

Here are a few pics of the evening and all the ladies enjoying the event.  If you would like more info or to attend a meeting, check out the website.  All the info is there on how to catch up with us.